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 The America Small Business EXchange

TASBEX has created a network of state and local exchanges where individuals can find ways to invest in their local communities.  It is our way of bringing Wall Street back to Main Street, not only offering a place for a business to raise funding, but a place for investors to liquidate their investments at a later date. 

Individual Investors, Small Business Owners as well as your Financial Advisors are welcome to use TASBEX.


TASBEX is a service that displays offers to sell new issues of small business exempt offerings, state registered securities as well as second market display of privately held securities in local and small market securities, typically know as a "Grey Market" security. These securities are generally not listed or traded on any national securities exchange or other OTC system. 

Listing Requirements

TASBEX is an issuer or shareholder listing service, not a trading market or actual securities exchange. Although  TASBEX does not have any listing requirements per se, to be eligible for listing on TASBEX, securities offered by issuers and/or sellers must remain current in any state and federal filings that may be required with the SEC or applicable regulatory authority. Sellers will not be permitted to begin listing a security whose issuer does not meet this filing requirement. Securities already quoted on any nationally reconized trading system, such as OTCBB, NASDAQ or other national exchange are not eligible for listing. 

Reporting A Corporate Action

To assure open and transparent listings, Issuers should provide notification of a corporate action, which may include mergers, acquisitions, or name changes prior to the effective date. All details of the action and any pertinent documents should be included and sent to TASBEX for display and updates of the company information. Failure to do so will result in the security being removed from listing.

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