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 The America Small Business EXchange

TASBEX has created a network of state and local exchanges where individuals can find ways to invest in their local communities.  It is our way of bringing Wall Street back to Main Street, not only offering a place for a business to raise funding, but a place for investors to liquidate their investments at a later date. 

Individual Investors, Small Business Owners as well as your Financial Advisors are welcome to use TASBEX.


Whether you are investing in your first private business or are an experienced angel investor, TASBEX is changing the way individuals invest by making it efficient, collaborative and rewarding for you and your community. There is no fee to sign up and become a part of assisting your community to grow and become more vibrant.

Open to all investors

If you are 18 years of age, and can demonstrate that you understand the terms and conditions of investing in your local community, you will be able to invest in businesses listed on the TASBEX platform.

  • No minimum investments, as you will deal directly with either the small business owner, or its financial representative. 
  • Increase your knowledge about private business investing by utilizing TASBEX's educational resources
  • Interact with investors of all backgrounds and expertise to uncover the best investments
  • Complete a suitability questionnaire to invest in opportunities appropriate for your financial situation

Invest in local businesses

Access investment opportunities in your city or other favorite communities

  • Support both startup and established businesses in all industries
  • Invest in what you know – businesses in your community 
  • Add value to your investment by also being a local consumer and advocate 
  • Local investor collaboration increases transparency and promotes sound investment opportunities



  • Access video pitches, standardized business plans, and much more before choosing to invest
  • Invest online directly from your bank account via ACH 
  • Reduce paperwork through digital signatures and document storage


Stay updated and engaged

  • Businesses raising capital are required to update investors quarterly 
  • Interest payments, dividends, and capital calls are connected to your bank account 
  • Provide structured feedback through online meetings and voting 
  • Track the reported social and economic impact of your investments on the community
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