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 The America Small Business EXchange

TASBEX has created a network of state and local exchanges where individuals can find ways to invest in their local communities.  It is our way of bringing Wall Street back to Main Street, not only offering a place for a business to raise funding, but a place for investors to liquidate their investments at a later date. 

Individual Investors, Small Business Owners as well as your Financial Advisors are welcome to use TASBEX.

Funding Main Street instead of Wall Street. 

Just a thought.....

A Proposed Solution

Take 5% out of the phantom value of the S&P (and other markets).

If investors sell just 5% of the S&P 100 with a Market Cap of $7,883,669,266,230 it would generate $394,183,463,311 in free cash that could be invested into local start-ups or existing businesses that could use the cash to grow and create new jobs in the local economy.

Encourage investors to take control of their investments, stimulate the economy and drive unemployment to near record lows. The money is already in play - it just needs to be moved to a better position on the board.

Selling off would drive the market lower for only a day or so, as the portfolio managers and other pundits would drive the prices right back to where they were before the selloff, creating more of that phantom income that they think was of value all along.  

A 5% change in the stock market will not cause jobs to be created or lost. The phantom value has nothing to do with the company’s real cash flow.

The answers to solving the economic trouble in this country will be solved by individual business owners that will create the local jobs, grow their businesses and pay their taxes.

So, *using figures from April, 2011, a 5% selloff would take $394,183,463,311 in cash out of the S&P 100. (And remember that there are about 3600 companies trading on the NYSE and thousands more trading on the NASDAQ, so the S&P is a small part of the bigger picture.) Investors should not put their money in a bank or brokerage account, but use the cash to help a small business person fund opportunity and growth.  

Let’s say a small business needs $250,000 (typical) to create a product or provide a service and create the jobs to support it.  The $394,183,463,311 divided by $250,000 would create or assist 1,576,734 small businesses across America. If each one of those business could create 10 new jobs, (directly or indirectly) that could put over 15 million people back to work, bringing the unemployment rate to less than 4.4% nationwide.

Will every business succeed? No, but they could be given the chance to try! At the very least, everyone involved will learn, share and grow.  Some will grow modestly, some will explode, and yes, some will implode.  That’s the beauty of the free market.  

Will the investor lose his 5%?  Maybe.  Will it grow as well as in the big stock market? Maybe.  Will it create a better ROI than on the market?  Maybe. Is it worth the risk to the individual investor?  Definitely. But NO Government bailout!  No “Too big to fail!”  No Wall Street scandals!  Just local people helping local people create jobs in their own communities, cities and states across America.  

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